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Sith Lords Meeting Place
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Monday, February 27th, 2017
11:36 am
Redemption 2017 Con Report: Fab Friends, Philosophy and Freestyle (non-rehearsed) Cabaret Craziness

Lou Bri 1.jpgsharkey.jpg

Me, Hubby Brian, Doobie, Bagpuss and Sharkey's adventures at R17

Back to reality now after an amazing weekend at Redemption 2017.

Sat waiting for person to collect my car for a service... originally thought this would be a good plan - and instead of me taking car in early and trying to get home again, I could just hand over the keys and let someone else do all the work whilst I recover from the weekend.  I was originally told 8.30am, then 9.00am, and now it's gone up to "before 12".... so there goes my lie in... ah well... I have the rest of the week to sleep!  So glad I booked the whole week off this time!

Anyway, this gives me time to drink tea and recall all the amazing stuff that went on this weekend :D

It goes a bit like this:


We decided to drive the more direct, though cross-country, route to get to the new Sheffield location for Redemption 17.  The A roads were more like Z roads... one of them really wasn't a road at all, but more of a farmer's mud track which we trundled along, stopping several times to check the map thinking "this can't be right, can it?"

It was all pretty spectacular scenery over the Peak District, despite the trundliness of the roads. We eventually came out of the wilderness and saw signs of civilisation and Sheffield.  Then we spent the rest of our afternoon driving round and round the ring road, until, due to my hubby's fantastic perserverence and map reading skills, we eventually managed to get onto the right road, and into the correct lane of the right road to actually make it to the hotel!  The hotel from the outside looked very calm and innocent - almost thought we were at the wrong place - but as soon as we opened the door, the expected craziness hit us immediately... yay we were "at home" again!

Firstly saw Melinda Sinha at the Reg desk and ran over for hugs, then spied Martin Jones for yet more hugs, and strangely I had run passed and not noticed the one and only Ivan Sinha, despite the fact he had two heads!! So more hugs were required and apologies for being so out of it that I'd not spotting Ivan in his Ruler of the Universe costume as Zaphod Beeblebrox.

Then back to the hotel reception, grabbing the door key and up to find our room.... couldn't find it, as we had somehow managed to book the 1862 Suite and when a staff member showed us to our room, we discovered it was full of the lovely people from OPs.  As much as I was quite prepared to share my room with these guys, we thought it best to go and re-check our accommodation - and many thanks to Ming for calling the Hotel Manager to sort out the double booking.  So then we waited for a long time, feeling like we were causing much chaos already, and we'd not even unpacked!!  Hee hee! Luckily my bestie, Kayta, and the cheeky Steve Rogerson appeared for reassuring hugs whilst we waited.

The ever-so-nice manager was most apologetic for double booking our room and luckily managed to find us a spare room in the same hotel - phew!

Once settled in our room we went down to explore the new venue.

Downstairs in the bar we were welcomed with hugs from the lovely David Ulicsak who had a message from our mutual, and great pal, Rob Jones who sadly could no longer make it to the Con... You woz missed Rob! xx

We wondered about a bit familiarising ourselves with the room locations, and ended back up at the bar, where the wonderful Chris Stocks greeted us, and so I took the opportunity for a quick cuddle with him :D  We got introduced to a new friend, Harpal, who was most concerned for me, and continued to be throughout the con, when he heard about all my food intolerances - not sure how this subject came up so quickly!

Then the fabulous Jon and Vicky appeared, as if by magic and so more delighted hugs followed :D  We talked of all our friends who couldn't get to the con this time, but who were already being missed, including, of course, the stunning Maddy Marsh - missed you babe! xx

After the Opening Ceremony, we enjoyed a lovely chinese meal in the hotel restaurant, as the manager pointed out that they could cope with even my level of food intolerances, as the food was cooked to order, and sure enough he was correct.  Whilst waiting in the food queue, we were entertained by Mr Chris Stocks (squeee!) and the lovely Mr and Mrs Ivan Sinha.  Ivan was recalling the day we first met on the dancefloor at the very first Redemption in 1999 and we were laughing muchly about how we still owned our very first disco outfits, but that they didn't quite fit us as well now - being 18 years later!!!

After a lovely meal and chat with the Sinhas, we went off to prepare for the ceilidh!

Kayta, Martin, Bri and I pulled off some funky routines and after the first 2 dances I was well knackered!  I immediately got neck and back ache, but battled on!

We were missing a couple for the one dance, so I spied:

Mr Cute: Steve Rogerson


Mr Gorgeous: Chris Stocks

and so, knowing they would make a visually beautiful couple, I encouraged them onto the dancefloor and to be dance partners together (for my personal entertainment!) One of them took a little longer to be persuaded, so I had to resort to physically dragging Mr Stocks up (which proved to be rather fun!) despite him swearing to get double revenge on me later!

The double revenge, or "REWENGEE" as he preferred to call it, turned into triple revenge and took the form of spinning me around extra fast, extra times and bouncing up to be even taller than normal to make my dance moves even more challenging!!

We had a mid-ceilidh break, where the lovely band played a waltz.  Hubby Brian dragged me onto the dancefloor, and despite having fairly recently had ballroom dancing classes, I could not think for the life of me how to do one.  So we went free-style, Bri doing what he knows and me, what I know... so we ended up doing what Chris referred to later as a "mixed martial arts class" - Brian doing hip throws on me and me playing air guitar to tunes which had no guitar in them!  Inevitably, it ended up on the floor, but not without Brian getting a Drazi point for his unique freestyle dancing!


Had a lovely breakfast at the hotel.

There was so much to do at the con, that we missed out on a few panels - I would have loved to go to Judith Proctor's Morris Dancing sessions and was also intrigued by the idea of Misha's Warhammer 40K Cop (would love to read any reviews of these?)

We made it to the 50 years of Star Trek panel and enjoyed listening to Gaspode's impressive knowledge of all things fandom related, and for his stamina for coming straight from a previous panel which he'd been talking for an hour. Go John!

I then spent a very pleasant and relaxing hour, adult colouring with Melinda Sinha, and catching up on the Sinha family's activities.  Ivan came back from the chaos costuming session and informed us he had yet another character which he would be performing in the Masquerade! I think he said he had around 8 costume changes over the weekend!  What a guy!

Then it was time for my excellent hubby and Philosopher, Brian, to do his thing at his "Morality and Mortality" panel.  He gave two warnings - one about the potentially disturbing content of his talk/discussion, but most importantly to warn everyone that he would be reading out his own poetry!!  Zikes!  :O

Bri Panel 1.jpg

I tried *really hard* not to heckle ... honest... but when Brian was describing how he had not chosen his own body and so was stuck with the body he had, and had to just lump it... I couldn't help a "Me Too!"... Unfortunately, I didn't anticipate the laughter from the audience, which went on for a long while and so I ended up having to take refuge under my cardigan in shame at disrupting Brian's talk somewhat!

Bri Panel 2.jpg
There was some excellent audience contribution, questions and discussion and we really enjoyeRead mored the panel - so thanks to everyone for attending and contributing!  We left on a high, full of energy for our long, but rewarding walk up to Nando's to spend our Christmas vouchers on chicken, spicy rice and Minty Peas!  The Minty Peas were delish - and a lot more powerful that I expected with the chilly and mintiness!  Yum!


Our next event was the Masquerade and Cabaret :D

About 20 minutes before the Cabaret, I was informed that I was required to assist with Zaphod's Cabaret act.  My very brief, briefing - mostly by text from Zaphod's lovely wife, Melinda - simply said "it will involve your natural abilities, bring your air guitar" and later "Be Brian May, Wear This" *throws me a shiny scarf* ... and then I had an anxious wait, not knowing when Zaphod would be on, but being on high alert, ready to jump up and perform on cue!  I was officially scared, though once on stage, my "natural abilities" seemed to take over and it was all one big, though very enjoyable blur of craziness.

The most hilarious part for me, was when we walked off stage - Zaphod and I were leaning against a wall, breathing very heavily, trying to get our breath back, which took a very long time!  We don't seem to have quite as much recovery power as we both did 18 years ago after our first Redemption disco!  And we still had the Pirate Disco to perform at later!

A massive thanks to Mrs O'Shea who superbly managed to capture some most excellent photos on camera of the cabaret act which we are both very grateful for... thank you so much!

Mrs O'Shea's photos of Zaphod's Cabaret ActCollapse )


Then, it was time for my main act... the Redemption Disco!  I'd been waiting 2 long years for this, and again, it did not disappoint.

I think the following photos say it quite well, but I shoud probably include my usual apology to anyone whose face I sang loudly into or thrust a guitar or microphone into their hands and encouraged them to perform!

Ivan Lou 1.jpg

See pics from Saturday Night DiscoCollapse )

I WENT TO THE DANGER ZONE ... with Chris Stocks!

I would apologise to Chris Stocks for screaming "Danger Zone!" loudly and repeatedly about one inch from his face, but I won't, coz he was doing the same back to me!  And I think we probably both enjoyed it too! :D

I think the disco was quite a massive stress relief for lots of us - I remember Jon and I shouting "Arrrrrghhhh" loudly into each other's faces, and I don't even know what song that was!

Jem and I did a Quo tribute to Rick Parfitt (RIP Rick), and Ivan and I did a tribute to Michael Sheard (RIP Michael) bringing a chair onto the dancefloor for him for his "School's Out for Summer" - and worshipping his greatness... it was genuinely an emotional moment for me. I loved that guy.

Other highlights included watching my bestie, Kayta, doing some funky air guitaring - without the need for a plastic guitar I was informed - exuberantly on the dancefloor.  I asked her if she'd been drinking and her inappopriate, unmentionable response confirmed that yes she'd had a few!

Thanks to Tony, Marwen and the tech crew for keeping the music rolling, up until 2am - I didn't notice that I'd been dancing for almost 4 hours... until the next morning, when I then did notice, quite painfully!  I don't quite know how all the bruises on my knees got there?!! Anyone?


Didn't think we'd cope getting up and packing and still be ready for the 11am Ruler of the Universe Hustings session (where I'd promised Zaphod some "inappropriate cheering") and so we decided to be reckless and book a 3rd night!  The rooms were lovely and very comfy and it was so nice to be able to go and crash out in your room between panels.


Zaphod 3.jpg
More pics of Zaphod's SpeechCollapse )


Hilarious, as usual!

View pics from Man of IronCollapse )

So many other amazing/great/bizarre moments that it's hard to name them all - here are a few:

  • Gettting hugged by SnowGrouse in the bar, being invited to Finland and recommended to take part in an Air Guitar competition!

  • Getting my "every 2 year" shoulder massage - this time from Steve R (thanks Steve) - volunteers for the next time, please apply in writing ;)

  • Chris Stocks telling us he'd been up until stupid o'clock 5am?? Yet was up early and looking just as good in the morning! (unlike me and the massive bags under my eyes...)

  • Inappropriate behaviour from Steve Rogerson (never change, Steve, gotta love that guy!) Steve Bagpus.jpg

  • Ivan and Harpal pointing and shouting "Teacher Leave Those Kids Alone!" repeatedly at my hubby Brian during Pink Floyd's number. (Shouldn't have told them you were a teacher!)

  • Klingon Roy making me air guitar to Abba

  • Melinda, who kept making me laugh all weekend with her random comments :)

  • The Hotel fire alarm going off at 3.26 am on Sunday night and jumping out of bed ready to find clothes and leg it out the hotel :O

  • Posing with fellow air guitarist and Bigglesworth on the stairs. Bigglesworth.jpg

  • Lesley's emotional handover, making us all cry (we were with you all the way!)

  • Tony The Joker's purple trousers- fabulous!

  • Zaphod coming 2nd in Ruler of the Universe competition, and Hilary's Missy winning (another amazing costume by Hilary!)

  • Going to The Danger Zone with Chris (did I mention that?) :D

And Most Importantly: Seeing everyone being themselves and feeling safe and amongst great friends, even tho we may not see each other that often, always feel like we're at home with the familiar and superbly friendly attendees - that's the brilliant thing about Redemption!

Thanks to everyone for all the fun!  Keep in touch!  Do it again soon!
(or in a Steve Rogerson's style of words: "Do you again soon!")

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Monday, February 23rd, 2015
5:40 pm
"Lesser Robots and Mini Skirts" - Redemption 2015 Con Report by Louise Robinson


Mini Skirt
Tried to keep the baggage to a minimum this time after a painful walk from the car park last time, the mini skirt was dusted off and happily packed... it only comes out every 2 years... That's the great thing about Redemption, you can get away with wearing anything you like and no-one will look at you funny.

We arrived at the Britannia at about 3pm after an adventurous journey down. Within a few minutes we were greeted with some familiar faces including Richard Who and David Ulicsak. We also caught sight of Judith Proctor practising for the ceillidh which got me excited about the events coming up this evening.

We had a surprisingly decent room this year, was warm, looked newly painted and the carpet was mostly clean which was a HUGE advance on the carpet in the room we had last time which looked like a scene from True Blood or Dexter with massive splats of a dubious dark coloured substance all over it :O

Mostly satisfied with the room we headed off to Nandos ... another highlight of being in Coventry as we can actually eat most things from the menu there, we normally struggle eating out due to us both having different and numerous food intolerences. But Nandos has lots of yummy options... including thieir minty chilli peas... Wow awesome!

Panel - Back Stories in TV Shows
We got to our first panel at 6pm to see Richard Who on the panel about back stories in TV shows. It was amazing how many TV shows were mentioned in the space of a few minutes. We watch a lot of TV but clearly nowhere near enough to have all the knowledge of the panellists!  Obviously need to watch a LOT more ready for 2017!

Opening Ceremony
Then it was time for a cuppa and to get ready for the opening ceremony. Eventually, we found our Redemption gang Richard Who, Kayta and Martin with whom much hugs were exchanged, not forgetting veteran Redemption-goer Bagpuss, who got on with the task of building our spaceship for the chaos modelling challenge whilst we watched clips of last year`s convention on the big screen. It was surprising to see a pic of me wearing glasses on the dancefloor 2 years ago.  I no longer need them and so I wondered how I'd managed to keep them on what with all the air guitar craziness going on!

Was great to meet the committee again and get to see who was running for Ruler of the Universe this year, I couldn't help but start a quick "Og, Og, Og" chant at this time :D  Shame that The Magician was missing again for the 2nd year (get well soon Chris!)

Gentleman Justice
No time to stay for the pub quiz this year as we needed to get to Pine for Maddy`s Gentleman Justice book launch where we met the Magnificent Maddy herself for big hugs and book signings. Also caught up with fellow Air Band Members including the Awesome Jon and the Lovely Vic. There was a feeling of much happiness to be with like-minded friends again for more silliness and awesomeness.

1 Maddy Book Launch
Tai Chi

Whilst Maddy was busy entertaining her guests, in came Alex McLintock who I was pleased to have got to meet properly this year after failing to recognise him last time, and we went off to show each other our best tai chi moves. Embarrassingly I seemed to have completely forgotten my Form, and could only do the first few moves rather poorly, but it didn't matter as just being there and interacting with friends was fantastic and it was all too exciting to concentrate anyway. Hubby Brian was watching whilst discussing martial arts with Chris Stocks, another enthusiastic ceilidh/disco gang member.

There was a smaller crowd this year for the ceilidh, but we made up for it with boisterous "Woos" and "Yays" and there was much frolicking and laughter.  I don't know where he got it from but I have to applaud the energy of hubby Brian who was up for every dance, leaping around the room like a man possessed, but it did help to keep up my energy levels too and I only got to sit out for one of the dances.  Judith Proctor and Chris Stocks were their usual energetic selves bringing an extra something to the dancing with their huge enthusiasm and playfulness.

We were all awarded some slithy toves for our efforts and then it was time to take the remaining few hours of the night to get some sleep ready for a big day of activities coming up on the Saturday.


Breakfast was superb, with a large choice of noms available, including soy milk and gluten free cereals, and plenty of it, fantastic bit of fuel to keep us going.

Tai Chi
Had a date with Alex McLintock to keep, and so we enjoyed Ian Sewell's tai chi class, chilling out with some Qi Gong and then one of my favourite moves "White Ape Gathers Fruit" - felt all light and tingly afterwards and ready for a day of action.

Then a quick change and off to learn about smartphones with the lovely Tommy Wareing who demonstrated that technology can't always be trusted to work when you wanted it to! (I felt his pain when the monitor initially refused to respond!).  We did eventually get the Redemption Programme up and running on our phones and got introduced to a few new pieces of tech.  Will have to investigate Dropbox as a way of sharing our Redemption videos with friends, was an overall interesting talk.

Panel - Totally Gay
Redemption wouldn't be Redemption without attending at least one slash panel with the Eclectic 21 crew, this time it was discussing what would happen if pairings in mainstream shows actually did get together.  After reading a lot of fan-fic in the past, I'd not really thought about what if it ACTUALLY happened... so that got the brain cogs whirring into action with some interesting results.  Though I still think the Anakin/Palpatine relationship is canon as there was a lot of visual sexual tension between them (if you look really carefully!) and they DID end up together at the end of Revenge of the Sith in one form or another ;)  :D

Tribble Knitting
I wanted to pop in briefly to check out the Tribble Knitting session after last year attempting to knit "dalek spots", but the room was full of happy knitters, and I'd already managed to catch TJ to say a quick hello earlier.

Dealers Room
I missed seeing Richard Proctor this year in the dealer's room and mostly missed getting one of his enthusiastic hugs, though I did manage to catch Judith Proctor for a squeezy hug and asked her to pass one on to Richard for me.  There was a large display of merchandise - pens, bookmarkers, mugs, drink mats and offers to print any picture on them, which was rather tempting.  My friend Kayta couldn't resist when she saw a Misha Collins pic and so had to buy a bookmarker and mug with him on - can't say I blame her, and I'll no doubt get visiting rights to it next time I head over to hers for tea :)  I was very tempted with a very striking photo of Eric from True Blood, but managed to resist the power of his gaze, though only just!

Panel to Panel - Part one: Gender in Ancillary Justice and other SF
Next up was a crazy sesh of back to back panels, starting with "Gender in Ancillary Justice and other SF" with the lovely Spacefall and friends. I'd not read the book, so Hubby Brian gave me a quick 10 minute overview of the story which really helped a lot when it came to the discussion which was fascinating, especially loved Nat's knowledge and obsession of the use of pronouns, could have stayed and listened to this panel for much, much longer, but up next was a very important event which I'd been waiting 2 years for.... the Air Band Rehearsals!


Panel to Panel - Part two: Air band rehearsals (with Brian, Maddy, Jon, Lizzit and Babylon 5 lady .. sorry don't know your name, but love ya!)

COVER PIC 2 smaller

Insane number of Air Band uploaded to a separate post to save everyone getting them on their feeds (the LJ cut didn't seem to work too well)... but if anyone wants to see them, just leave a comment and I'll add you to the photos group :)

Plastic lurrrrrve

69 Plastic lurrrve


1) E21 Airband does: Ace of Spades

2) E21 Airband does: Basket Case

3) E21 Airband does: Breaking the Law

4) E21 Airband does: Run to the Hills/Run from Bad Things* :P

5) E21 Airband does:Pinball Wizard
Lyrics to Run to the Hills here for Lizzit and MaddyCollapse )

Firstly, an apology to Lizzit and Maddy for being so "in the zone" that I wasn't answering their questions about the lyrics in a sensible way and so they ended up singing* "Run from Bad Things" instead of the actual lyric, then when the lovely Jon tried to explain the plot of the song and looked at me for confirmation, I simply called out "I don't care" rather unpolitely in his face... how rude!  :O I can't believe I did that!  Sorry Jon!

I was in my own little Iron Maiden world at the time - I could explain this by the fact that I had this song played over and over again to me by my brother when I was a child, and it was either a case of kill my brother, or learn all the song words and join in... the second option seemed much less messy - yet it's still no excuse to abuse my band mates... and I only noticed I'd done this when watching the video back afterwards!  I was so trying not to be "in your face" with anyone this year with my over-excitement... I don't get out much! *seeks forgiveness*

Panel to Panel - Part three: Why are fans prone to obsessive collecting
Hubby Brian was on the panel for this, together with Richard Who, Alex and Ming who I thought were all very interesting individuals and again could have stayed lots longer to chat more. Alex started us off with a brave move... to invite my hubby to talk philosophy!  Normally when this occurs, four hours have passed and you realise he is still philosophising!... ;)  There seemed to be many reasons why people collected and many different types of collections - Ming's Cuff Link collection came up a couple of times, as well as people wanting to collect the whole set of something - one of the most "dangerous" ones to collect seemed to be collectable card games where you had to buy a lot of packs to get the rare ones and having to spend a lot of effort seeking them out and trading with others.  The idea of hoarding versus collecting came up, and it appeared that if it seemed like "hard work" to sort out your collection then it may be more of a hoard than a collection, whereas if you actually enjoyed sorting through your collection, like Alex enjoyed with his lego stash, then this was perhaps more of a collection.  Personally I just like "having stuff" :)

Minty Chilli Peas
Then it was that time again to go and re-fuel on more minty chilli peas!

Missed events:  Morris dancing workshop and The Bechdel Test
We'd just got back from dinner when Judith caught us and invited us to the Morris Dancing Workshop, we loved it last year, but as we were just too full of minty peas, had to sadly decline and go and rest for a few hours to recover a little from the morning's activities. Hoped to get to The Bechdel Test too, but again needed the extra rest in order to be on top form for the evening's planned activities.

Hello Kitty and Super Spikiness
Just after the fancy dress session, we got nabbed by the lovely Gina Pink Dormouse/Stevie Carrol who was as Super Spikey as ever!  There was a lovely conversation on Hello Kitty appreciation and showing of HK earrings and HK guitar t-shirts, and then Gina used her endless charm to convince us to take the parts of Narrator and Robot in The Man of Iron reading on Sunday... Who could say no to the sexy, super spikey Gina... certainly not me!

Well, what a disco! This was a whole event in itself, let alone all the other wonderful panels at Redemption. I have to say that Marwan did a fab job of keeping us all up and dancing with a great range of rock music and 80's songs.

Air Guitarists
I was half way down the stairs to the disco when I heard MY song being played, so I had to do a quick runner onto the dancefloor to catch the last few versus of "Living on a Prayer", phew, made it!  Then the rockin' Jem Ward appeared, requested us some Status Quo and we rocked out to "Down Down". And all was well in the world again!  :D

Prince Charming
Had to let out a huge "Yay" when this song came on, then automatically went into my Prince Charming dance - I convinced Jon to join me in the Adam Ant type strut and it was beginning to catch on.  Jon looked behind him and realised that people had started to join us in a long line of strutting Prince Charmings, and he panicked a bit then pushed me ahead of him to lead the dance... I couldn't let everyone down, so marched ahead wailing (in)appropriately to the chants and was amazed to see the most massive line of peeps behind us all following in a long snaketrain effect... most excellent fun!

It's Raining Men v. Beethoven
Another highlight of the disco was my hubby Brian, who loves his Beethoven and other classical tunes, and really not a fan of anything disco, yet there he was like a trooper dancing along to It's Raining Men with the rest of us!  Gotta love him for getting in there and giving it a go!

Glamoured by the Glamorous Maddy Marsh
It was like a scene from True Blood - The Glamorous Maddy Marsh got rather excited by a certain song (I still don't know what it was... Maddy?)  Not many peeps on the dancefloor at the time, so Maddy reached out and summoned me onto the dancefloor. I was well knackered by this time, but something in her glare made me rise up and obey!  I received a serious chastising for still living in the 80s and not knowing the "more recent" song currently playing... but not wanting to upset my Maker, I learned the lyrics quick and was soon singing along which seemed to delight the excited Maddy who grabbed me and lifted me up into the air in one of those moments which kind of felt very appropriate :)

Disco/Ceilidh/Penguin Dancing
Big Yay to Lizzit and Chris Stocks for their enthusiastic disco moves, ceilidh and Penguin dancing!  You were both brilliant fun throughout the night!

The Star Trek Guy who'd "Got the Power"
A big yay and thumbs up to the enthusiasm of the guy in the Star Trek (Kirk?) uniform at the disco who responded very politely to us shoving air microphones in his face to sing "I've got the Power" all through the song... Star Trek Man - You Waz Awesome!!!


Woke up with surprisingly less of a neck ache than expected, though did have rather painful feet which had taken a huge beating over the past two days.  As we had to be out of the hotel by 11am, it was either rush around and get stressed, or miss out on tai chi, get some extra kip in and take it easy with the packing and taking bags to the car.  It was a shame to miss out on the tai chi and my second date with Alex, but I ended up sending my apologies to Alex for Tai Chi and going for the less stressful option which proved to be a good idea.

Jonathan Green and fighting fantasy childhood memories
We went to see Jonathan Green's Guest Talk which took me back to my childhood when he mentioned all the Fighting Fantasy books that I'd read and still have in my collection.  He also mentioned some upcoming books - the Shark Punk one stood out to me particularly, and I'll certainly be on the look out for that.  Managed to grab Jon and Vic for a quick catch up on their condition after the previous night, as well as more hugs :)

Snog with Og
Did some random wondering around the various rooms in a bit of a blur, stopping at Ops to pull Steve Rogerson into the corridor for a quick snog and cuddle :O)

Corridor cuddles with Steve

Tea with friends :)
It was fantastic to catch up and chat with friends over a cuppa in between panels.  I got to sit down with Jon and Vic, Richard Who, Kayta and Martin, hubby Brian and lots of hot tea from the bar...!  Had some interesting discussions on gaming groups, lack of sleep and life in general as well as lots of hugs from Kayta's Apocryphal "Who Mee". I was all bouncy and happy after this, as I don't get to see like-minded friends very often, so loved every second of this!

Also caught up with David Ulicsak who showed us a demo of a card game which was like an advanced version of snap... but was surprising difficult to spot the similar shapes, though that could be just due to lack of sleep!

Ruler of the Universe Hustings/Og Love
Really liked the Joker's speeches, manic laughter and costume - would have probably voted for him, if I wasn't still in love with Og, who got my vote again this year.

Man of Iron script Reading
Managed to stay alive long enough to get to the Man of Iron script reading to take my part as Lesser Robot whilst hubby Brian narrated and told us what to do.

I seemed to get increasingly into my new Lesser Robot character and was soon having far too much fun stomping around the stage lusting over the Gorgeous Awesome Robot Gabor!

Highlights include being instructed by my hubby, as narrator, to "Grapple" with Gabor - the lovely Gina - (who I've since decided I have a secret crush on... Shh!) and getting a bit overexcited by Her Superspikiness and mostly molesting her until the Narrator reminded me I was supposed to "Grapple" only, not anything more pervy.

Also enjoyed playing with David and Lesley on the floor, dragging each other around... for which I gained some lovely elbow grazes as a bonus.  I seemed to get blown up several times as well as getting picked on by everyone, including getting a beating off Soolin so my Lesser Robot was forced into giving everyone a stern frown whilst letting out a loud "Owwwwwwww!"

It was a shame to miss the Closing Ceremony, but we decided it was best to leave whilst we could still walk and drive home, so we texted our goodbyes and headed for home.  The mini skirt is now neatly packed away ready for 2017.

Thanks to everyone for all the fun! xxxxxxxx

Louise Robinson
And more recently The Lesser Robot

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